October 13, 2011

It has been a while

I know I haven't been on here in such a long time. Life has been so crazy busy and we have been everywhere and enjoying every second of the summer sun. We have been to Lagoon too many times to count, we have been to Kamas, we have been to Bear Lake, Logan and the list goes on and on... Mark has been traveling alot lately, so the kids and I have been partying like crazy while he is out of town. ;) I am going to up some pictures of this whole summer... Not in order. Here is some news on the kiddos.. Stasia is so busy with all her little girlfriends she is playing like crazy and doing princess dress ups and she is in a dance class.. It is so cute! Her first recital is coming up I can't wait. She is now almost potty trained, and has given up her binkys to the "binky fairy" I can't believe she is turing 3 this month! It is crazy! Jonny, is just into everything he always has a skinned up head, he wrestles with his sister and misses her like crazy when she goes to her friends house. He loves her so much and they are just such good friends. I love it! He is still huge, almost passed her up on size. They are so fun and I enjoy every seconded with them!

Anastasia at Lagoon trick or treating at one of the kid mazes

This is how I found them when i got out of the shower one day! Crazy kids and they destroy everything!
Her VERY first hair cut!

HE lOVES papa pj tractor!
all ready for church

ready to head to dance class
This is at Miss Katies dance in West Farmginton! Such a cute class

at the zoo
at the zoo
My baby brothers wedding!
Jayden and Anastasia, she is one of her best friends

They thought it was cool to climb in daddys suitcase

We got them these really cute 6V battery powered fourwheelers, they love them.
this is what Jonny looks like all the time! Always has a hurt head! This one was from Anastasia pushing him off the top of a small slide.
Love Lagoon
Chilling while mom works out
Jonny, Anastasia, and Andi her other best friend. We are so lucky to have Andi! She is such a sweetheart and they are always dressing up in princess costumes! They are so fun together. They do the Dance class together! Sure love haivng Andi and Lisa live close!
Well that pretty much sums up our past summer months.. Full of friends, family and just playing ALOT!

May 20, 2011

Easter outfits...

I know Easter was a while ago but I finally have time to post some so here you go...

There are our Easter outfits and us just playing outside on Easter Sunday.. Back when the Sun liked to come out! Now I think the Sun is hiding from all of us! I am so ready for it to come out for good!

May 3, 2011

Today was one of the most important days to me ever....

...and this is why. My wonderful sweet loving husband was born today those many years ago! So happy birthday hun. We got to spend most of the day out together and had my mom come and watch our kids. It was so nice to get out and just wander and do random things because we could! So thanks mom for watching our kids. Anyway things have been pretty good, just busy as normal. Mark is done for the semester with school and he now has just ONE more year! Yay!!! Shortest schooling ever but sometimes it feels like the longest. Things with me and the kids are going well. Jonny is HUGE! He is a solid rock. He is only 2 inches shorter then Anastasia and 1/2 pound lighter. As you can imagine, I get asked all the time if they are twins. This happens almost every single day and every single store i go into. I am to the point i just tell people YES. I am so sick of saying no he is blah blah blah.. alot easier just to tell people yes they are twins and move on. hahaha anyway, that is pretty much it. We are excited for summer and to go to Lagoon once again and to soak up all the sun. I am also going to be helping out in June with our ward youth conference. I was called to be one of the cooks. So i am feeling a little overwhelmed since I have no idea what i am going to feed all those kids, but i am sure it will all work out. Here are some pictures of the kiddos and us from the past while.

They sure love the Zoo
They love walking to the park!
I straightened her hair.... she looked so weird..
This looks really bad, but they love to be locked up in Paz's kenel

ride bikes together all the timeThey went around all day one day putting easter baskets on their heads
She got a new princess bike, she rides it really well
Jonny at the Zoo

Snake slide at the Zoo

Anastasia and her best friend Jayden.. they both have the same bikes and everything else too

This was a "reeses peanut butter cup" cake! It was awesome, even with peanut butter in it...

That is pretty much it for us. Mark is busy with the Young Men and the kids love the neighborhood and all the fun people that have moved in. Anastasia has so many girls that are her same age. We love it here and so glad we got a chance to move into this house. We are excited for the summer and to see cousins we don't get to see very much! The only other real change for us is that I now work at home. I sew baby crib sets. Here is the blog if you want to go check it out. fingersandtoes08.blogspot.com